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Terms of Service

As a member of PLC Insiders, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. These Terms of Service are applicable to the purchase of your membership and the downloadable content provided by Kelli Mitchell and Pink Lemonade Company, LLC. By purchasing any products on PLC Insiders, you, the Purchaser, are agreeing to these terms:


Purchasing a PLC Insiders membership gives members unlimited access to restricted, members-only content (including digital downloadable content). Because of the nature of the digital product and access to the content upfront we offer no refunds - all sales are final. It is the sole responsibility of members to log in, access, and download the contents inside the membership site. No refunds will be given for members who choose NOT to log into their account, access the membership nor download the contents from PLC Insiders once access has been granted.

Membership Renewal & Cancellation

PLC Insiders members understand that their membership will continue by means of reoccurring billing payment until it is canceled. PLC Insiders members are responsible for canceling their subscription by contacting us and requesting cancellation. If you do not want your subscription to renew, you will need to cancel your membership BEFORE your renewal date which is shown on your receipt. Once your membership account has expired, access to the membership and its contents will cease. You are responsible for downloading any content you want prior to your membership cancellation. You may cancel your membership at any time.

Product File Formats

As a member, we trust that you understand the difference between file formats and understand we offer high-resolution JPG and PNG (raster-based) file formats and understand we do not offer vector files such as SVG formats. We will not offer you a refund of your membership purchased for failure to understand that we do not supply members with SVG or other vector formats.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any member account if you purchase another product from Pink Lemonade Company and do not honor your payment plan with that course/product/service. We also have the right to refuse membership and access to PLC Insiders if you as a member use graphics in a way that is inconsistent with the Terms of Service.


A member may:

Display on personal websites and computers.
Use the graphics in digital or print advertisements.
Crop the graphics, change coloring, and overlay with text or other graphics.
Make design prints for personal or commercial use.
Use the graphics to promote your own products and services on your website and social media channels.

A member may not:

Resell, relicense, sub-license, redistribute without express written permission from Pink Lemonade Company.
Use the graphics in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous, or defamatory manner.
Scan, copy, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise reproduce the graphics, to allow a third-party to use the images in any way.
Make available for download.


Summary of Terms and Conditions

PLC Insiders is for business and personal use.
You are welcome to create products for sale with any of our graphics as long as you don’t sell our graphics ‘as is’. They may be sold in digital form as long as you add at least three other elements with our graphic to create a new design.
Color changing a graphic and reselling it is not permitted. 
The membership site contains graphics in the form of jpeg, png, and PDF graphics. We do not offer cut files or other vector graphics. We trust that you know the difference when signing up. If you don’t, please contact us for help before you sign up.
You may not give, share, or sell any of our graphics ‘as is’. The content of this website is intended to be used as supplies. You cannot take the digital files, and sell them as your own individual files or in a new collection. The graphics can be used as a part of a new design. You must add at least three other elements with our graphic to resell digitally.
Ready to Print t-shirt files may not be sold as digital files. You may sell an end product with the design printed on it. You are welcome to use the t-shirt files for other products such as mugs, drink wraps, bags, etc. You are welcome to sell the ready to print files as physical transfers. You may not sell the ready to print files as digital files.
You may not create any digital product for sale from our graphics or any of the content within this website without our graphics being compressed. For example, if you sell birthday invitations and release PSD (Photoshop) or other layered files, the layer that contains graphics from PLC Insiders must be compressed and merged to another layer so that our graphics cannot be extracted and used by the buyer for another purpose. If you aren’t sure, please contact us. We will be happy to help.
You may not let anyone borrow your login. This membership is for you and you alone. If you share your login or any graphics from this website, you will have to go. We operate on the belief that you will act in honor and good nature, but if not, we probably aren’t a good fit for each other.
You, as the member, are responsible for protecting the graphics you download. We highly recommend backing up your files in two places (i.e. an external hard drive and a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive). We are not responsible for lost graphics due to your computer crashing. You are welcome to upgrade to VIP to reclaim any lost files as we do not provide links to past digital boxes or links to any lost files. No exceptions. 
You may not share any discount codes, discount links, or other secret sales within the sites with anyone. These are for members only. 
No refunds due to the nature of this membership. (The one exception is that we do offer a refund of Pro level membership within 30 days when you upgrade to the VIP level).
If you purchase a course from PLC and you do not honor your payment plan agreement and are a member of PLC Insiders, your membership to PLC Insiders will be terminated. No refunds. 
You can cancel any time before the next auto-renewal to avoid be being billed future membership dues. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their membership before the next billing cycle if membership is no longer wanted. No refunds. 
Copyright of all graphics and any content on this website remains with Pink Lemonade Company, LLC. Copyright is not transferred to the member.
We reserve the right to deny membership at any time to anyone. We reserve the right to cancel memberships of those not following the terms of use without a refund. We also reserve the right to not allow membership renewal.

Copyright, title ownership, and all rights now and in the future, remain exclusively with Kelli Mitchell of Pink Lemonade Company. Kelli Mitchell with Pink Lemonade Company retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the graphics and other files on the PLC Insiders membership site.
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Please understand this fully before you purchase: There are no refunds on this purchase. Due to the instant-access nature of the digital graphics, we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. We have a strict NO REFUNDS policy when you purchase this digital product and we will not be able to process any refunds for any reason. We don't offer refunds. No refunds.

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